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POLAND : GDYNIA - Sightseeing

Gdynia is a relatively modern city and one will not find many historical buildings. The oldest building in Gdynia is 13th century St. Michael Archangel's Church in Oksywie. There is also a 17th century neo-Gothic manor located in the Folwarczna Street in Orlowo. However, what most tourists look for Gdynia deals with its recent past. In the harbour there two museum ships are anchored, the ORP Blyskawica destroyer and the Dar Pomorza Tall Ship frigate.

Gdynia is also famous for its numerous examples of early 20th century architecture, especially monumentalism and early functionalism. Recently reconstructed Swietojanska street and Kosciuszki square are also worth mentioning. The surrounding hills and the coastline attract many nature lovers. Leisure pier and cliff-like coastline in Kepa Redlowska as well as the surrounding Reservation Park are also popular. 1.5 kilometres long promenade leads from the marina in the city centre to the beach in Redlowo. Most of Gdynia can be seen from Kammienna Góra.

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